2nd International Halal Technical Capacity Development Programme
Malaysia International Halal Assembly (MyHA 2018)

I completed Halal administrator training and was certified as a Halal Administrator by the Japan Halal Association.

Halal Administrator Certificate

Halal administrator training completion Certificate

Halal Washoku class provides the following services.



  • Ingredients (食材)

Non-pork dishes do not contain any pork or pork related ingredients.



We guarantee that ingredients in the non-pork dishes are free from emulsifiers,

shortening, gelatin, or collagen originating from pork.



Halal Washoku dishes do not contain or use any cooking sake (alcohol), mirin (sweet

cooking rice wine), or alcohol added seasonings.



The chicken and beef used are Halal labelled and certified.


Halal soy sauce -Igagoe-

  • Cook Ware (調理器具)

Separate cookware is used exclusively for the preparation of non-pork dishes.



  • Cutlery (食器)

Separate tableware exclusively for Halal Washoku is provided for diners.


Disposable chopsticks are available upon request.



  • Other (その他)

A spare room can be used for prayer purposes.


Separate male and female prayer rooms are not available, but separate prayer times

can be accommodated..



Towels for prayer are available upon request.



The restroom, washroom, and bathroom can be used for Wudu purposes.



Qiblat signs are available.


Free Wireless LAN is available.