“Halal Washoku About our Halal works” has updated.

Halal Washoku class provides the following services.



Ingredients (食材)

  • The non-pork dishes do not contain any pork or pork related ingredients.


  • We confirm that our ingredients in the non-pork dishes are free from emulsifiers, shortening, gelatin, and collagen originating from pork.


  • The Halal Washoku do not contain or use any cooking sake(alcohol) ,mirin(sweet cooking rice wine) and alcohol added seasonings.


  • The Chicken and beef use are Halal labelled and certified.



Cook Ware (調理器具)

  • Separate cookware is used exclusively for the preparation of non-pork dishes.



Cutlery (食器)

  • Separate tableware for Halal Washoku is provided for diners.


  • Disposable chopsticks are available upon request.



Other (その他)

  • A spare room can be use for prayer purposes.


  • Separate male and female prayer rooms are unavilable, but prayer time can be divided.



  • Towels for prayer are available upon request.


  • Restroom, washroom, and bathroom can be used for Wudu purposes.


  • Kiblat signs are available.


  • Free Wireless LAN is available.